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Behaviour Management

IMG 0538Our Behaviour Management Policy is based on a system of Rights, Responsibilities and Consequences.

Everyone has the right

  • To feel safe
  • To learn
  • To be treated with respect

Management of student behaviour at St Michael’s School adheres to the following broad guidelines:

Our student Behaviour Management and Student Welfare Policy aims to make St Michael’s a pleasant and safe place for students, teachers and visitors. 

It focuses on encouraging the students to be accountable for their own behaviour and with a positive approach it holds the development of healthy self-esteem as a key priority.

Students and teachers need a predictable environment where rules and consequences are clearly spelt out and consistently adhered to. The success of this policy will hinge on the commitment of the School Community to adhere to its implementation.

The Behaviour Management and Student Welfare Committee will monitor overall student behaviour and emerging trends by a range of recording methods.