Defence School Transition Aide

The Defence School Transition Aide (DSTA) at St Michael’s Catholic Primary School is Mrs Maryann Tweed. The DSTA program is an initiative funded by the Australian Government aimed at reducing impact on students from ADF families resulting from mobility and parental absences.

When transition to a new school occurs, due to mobility, the DSTA is a point of contact to provide information and prepare an application for education assistance when academic gaps arise.

Social and emotional wellbeing programs are provided for students impacted by military mobility and parental absence. These programs include:

-        Communication link weekly email (Parental Absence)

      Seasons for Growth Program (Grief and Change)       

      The Brave Program and mindfulness (Anxiety)        

      Seeing Red, Tyler Turtle M.E.D.A.L.S and mindfulness (Managing Emotions)                                                

      Anzac Day and Remembrance Day Liturgies (Identity) 

      ADF Student Recognition Presentations (Recognition)                                            

      Welcome, school orientation, social and transitioning support (Belonging)  

      Communication via school newsletters            

Term 1

Welcome, new students and families                                                  Welcome HMAS Albatross EXPO

Term 2

Morning Tea for ADF families                                                                        Anzac Day Ceremony                                                                                          Recognition Certificates and Medals Presentation                                    School ADF Parachute Display/helicopter landing (if available)

Term 4

Remembrance Day Liturgy


Download Important Fliers Using the Links Below 

 Communication Fliers
Communication Link Permission
  Deployment Fliers
1 Children and Deployment
3 Strategies for Helping Children with Deployment
4 Parents Guide to the Military Child
5 A Guide to Helping Children and Youth Cope with the Deployment
6 Assisting Kids Cope with Deployment

defcommorg         defgovau    

Please Click on DCO Link Below for Guidelines, Products, Programs and Resources for children and families, Childcare, Information, Support Networks for Partners, Parents, Special Needs, Health and Finance; DVDs, Local Community Events, preparing for Mobility and Deployment, managing times of difficulty, Moving back to civilian Life, Links and Contacts