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Principal Mr Christopher Paton
Assistant Principal Mrs Laurinda Nelson 
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Martine Mathieson
Middle Leader 2 Mrs Carolyn Rutkowski 
Middle Leader 2 Ms Bianca Koczka
Middle Leader 1 Mrs Anne Dempsey
Middle Leader 1 Mrs Maree Hamilton 
Middle Leader 1 Miss Renee Maguire 
Targeted Teaching Mrs Martine Mathieson
Senior School Support Officer (Admin) Ms Sue Easter
School Support Officer (Admin) Ms Nicole Skeers
Kindergarten Blue Mrs Carolyn Rutkowski
Kindergarten White Mrs Anne-Maree Berryman
Kindergarten Red Mrs Ashleigh Walker
Kindergarten Rainbow Ms Marian Crossley
Year 1 Blue Mrs Charissa Passafaro
Year 1 White Mrs Joyann Arnold
Year 1 Red Mrs Stephanie Jakimyszyn
Year 2 Blue Mrs Sandrine Butler
Year 2 White Mrs Michelle Warner 
Year 2 Red Mrs Victoria Boyton
Year 3 Blue Mr Paul Brodie
Year 3 White Mrs Nicole Lenihan
Year 3 Red Mrs Jayne Willshire
Year 4 Blue Mr Andrew Allmark
Year 4 White Ms Bianca Koczka
Year 4 Red Mrs Amanda Mason
Year 5 Blue Mrs Toni Hodges
Year 5 Red Mr Mark Tweed
Year 5 White Miss Renee Maguire
Year 6 Blue Mrs Anne Demspey
Year 6 Red Mrs Maree Hamilton
Year 6 White Mrs Meghann Davis
Reading Recovery Mrs Jane Bessell-Browne
Music Mrs Maree McGrath
LARC Mrs Barbara McKenna
PE Mrs Ingrid Holland
Leadership Team Release Mrs Sue Colyer (KB)
Leadership Team Release Mrs Samantha Luxford (4W)
Leadership Team Release Mrs Emma-Kate Callaghan (5W and 6R)
Leadership Team Release Mrs Barbara McKenna (6B)
Learning Support (SWD) Mrs Lee-Anne de Roo
Learning Support (Autism) Ms Natalie Rojas
Diverse Learning and Enrichment Mrs Kristy Lochrin 
School Support Officer Mrs Bernice Royston
School Support Officer Mrs Carolyn Collins
School Support Officer Mrs Michelle White
School Support Officer Ms Alecia Longford
School Support Officer (LARC) Mrs Barbara Maver
School Support Officer Mrs Karen Cox
School Support Officer Mrs Therese Bagnall
School Support Officer Mrs Gabrielle McConville
School Support Officer Mrs Maree Whitton
School Support Officer Ms Yasmin Lizette
School Support Officer Mrs Stacey Bramble
School Support Officer Mrs Sharon Quinn
Aboriginal Education Officer Mrs Jody Manners
Aboriginal Education Officer Mrs Vanessa Berry
Aboriginal Education Officer Mr Mark Mongta (Friday)
Pastoral Care Worker Mrs Maryann Tweed
ICLT Technician Mr Jason Woolley
Defence School Transition Aide Mrs Maryann Tweed


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