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History of our School

In 1893, at the request of Cardinal Moran, the Sisters of the Good Samaritan came to Nowra to begin their work of providing a Catholic Education to the parish of St Michael’s. They continued the work of the Reynolds sisters who, in the 1870’s had established a Catholic school in a house in Douglas Street.

In 1918 the new brick St Michael’s Convent School incorporating the Parish Hall was opened by Archbishop Kelly. This North Street building which is now the Parish Centre, together with the ‘old weatherboard’ held the primary and secondary school of the parish until the arrival of Monsignor John Purcell in 1956.

Monsignor Purcell, with great energy and foresight, embarked upon a building program to cater for the needs of the steadily expanding district. Over the next four decades, new classrooms, the library, administrative offices and Parish Hall were built.

In 1992 the Wollongong Catholic Education Office, appointed St Michael’s first lay Principal Mr. John Tubridy to succeed Sister Geraldine Kearney SGS. Although there are no longer any Good Samaritan Sisters teaching at the school they remain active in their apostolic work within the school and parish.

Today St Michael's School carries forward the traditions set by the priests, sisters and people of the parish since 1893. We reflect with appreciation and gratitude on their lives and faith.

‘In all things may God be glorified’